Rutherford Cemetery Volunteers

We take great pride in caring for and beautifying the grounds of Rutherford Cemetery! Most of the upkeep of the cemetery is done by volunteers from our association. If you enjoy getting outside and digging in the dirt or just raking you have found your calling!

We would love your help! Every spring in May we spend a few hours caring for the cemetery grounds by picking up branches, raking, planting trees and flowers, as well as larger projects like cutting down trees and mulching. We continue to spruce up the grounds with similar projects throughout the year. We have fun getting to know each other while keeping the cemetery looking its best.

We are always looking for new faces to help with other projects in the cemetery. Maybe you would enjoy serving as an officer, trustee or working on a committee. We need and value your ideas and input. Please contact us at our email address or just show up! We would love to see you!