Rutherford Cemetery and Columbarium –
A Natural Environment

Rutherford Cemetery and Columbarium has been a place of natural beauty and solace since 1850. As such, no artificial adornment is allowed on or around headstones, columbarium, or the grounds.

Please continue reading so that you understand our Natural Environment Policy and what your responsibilities are in helping to maintain the beauty and preservation of the final resting place of your loved one should you choose Rutherford.

Natural Environment Policy

  • Decorations and/or mementos of any kind are not permitted.
  • This includes, but not limited to, artificial flowers, solar lights, flags, hanging planters, balloons, pinwheels, shepherd hooks, statues, food, bottles/cans, glass items, etc.
  • Ground planting of any vegetation (i.e., flowers, trees, shrubs, plants) are not permitted.
  • Natural flowers from a current burial service or interment may be left on the grave for up to five days. After five days, if not removed by family members, the flowers will be discarded.
  • Rutherford Cemetery & Columbarium Association reserves the right to remove any item which does not adhere to our Natural Environment Policy.
  • Memorial Day: Rutherford volunteers honor military veterans by placing an in-ground, bronze flag-holder, and the U.S. flag next to the headstone of each veteran for Memorial Day weekend. Please be sure you have checked the 'Veteran' box on the sales form so that we may honor your veteran.


  • Effective 2020, all plant stands must fit into a predrilled hole in the monument base. Existing legacy stands (prior to 2020) will be left in place.
  • Living, natural flowers and plants are permitted in plant stands from April to October.
  • Artificial flowers are not permitted in plant stands.
  • Potted vegetation placed on the ground is not permitted.
  • Natural evergreen wreaths are permitted on plant stands from November through March.
  • Since Rutherford is a nonprofit cemetery maintained by its member volunteers, we ask that  families be responsible for the upkeep and removal at the end of each season.


  • Flowers pots, plants, wreaths, vase inserts, or decorations of any kind are prohibited.

Rutherford Cemetery and Columbarium Association

  • Assumes no liability or responsibility for acts of vandalism, theft or the destruction of planters, plants, or other items left at a burial site.
  • Reserves the right to remove any object from a burial site that is deemed to be unsafe, inappropriate, weathered, unsightly, or which does not adhere to our Natural Environment policy.

Through your cooperation in maintaining these standards, Rutherford Cemetery will remain a naturally serene environment for families and loved ones.


Thank you,
Rutherford Association Members