Rules & Regulations

A. Lots and Columbarium Niches

1. Lots and Columbarium Niches must be paid for at time of purchase.
2. Opening and closing fees must be paid for at the time of interment or niching.

B. Fees

1. The association will assess a transfer fee if a person sells or gives a lot or niche to another person.
2. The association will buy backs lots at the price paid.

C. Headstones

1. Headstone may be a marker or a monument. A marker is flush to the ground. A monument is an upright stone.
2. The headstone must be installed within 6 months of burial.
3. Headstones are placed at the west end of the lot.
4. A single lot with a monument may be accompanied by two flat markers.
5. The association reserves the right to approve headstone.
6. Cremains cannot be niched in a monument.

D. Size of monuments and markers

1. A monument for a single lot can be up to 26 inches high from the base and up to 3 feet wide.
2. A monument for a double lot may be up to 4 feet wide.

E. Footings

1. All monuments require a footing. The footing will extend a minimum of 4 inches beyond the monument base on all sides.
2. A monument may be accompanied by a planter.

• A hole must be drilled into the footing to accommodate the planter.
• The planter hole must be drilled by the monument company when the monument is ordered.

F. Burials and Niching

1. Vaults are required for full body burial.
2. Vaults are not required for burial of cremains.
3. Lots are used for either 3 cremains or 1 full body burial.
4. The columbarium niche accommodates 2 cremains.

• The size of each companion niche is 10.5 inches x10.5inches.
• The plaque is ordered at the time of purchase and is included in the purchase price.
• The plaque requires approval by the purchaser.
• The plaque can accommodate on the years of birth and death on a companion purchases. A single may include the month, day and year.

G. Grounds

1. Only live plants in the stands that are drilled into the base are allowed. Plant stands already installed are exempt.
2. No artificial flowers, decorations, solar lights or hanging baskets are allowed
3. No pots or other decorations may be placed on the ground.
4. The association reserves the right remove these items.
5. Lot owners are responsible for removing dead flowers, winter pots and wreaths.