Pricing at Rutherford Cemetery

Ground Lots (full amount due at time of purchase)
Lot    $1,400

Interment Opening and Closing of Grave (full amount due at time of burial)

Conventional Burial        $1,200
Cremation Burial             $900

Please note:

  • Two cremains vaults or three urns will be allowed per burial lot.
  • Two cremains burials are allowed above a full body casket in a lot.
  • A separate interment fee (opening/closing of grave) is required for each burial within same lot

Columbarium Niche (full amount due at time of purchase)

Columbarium Cremation Niche  $1,850 (includes first inurnment and engraving fees)
 $250 for second inurnment

Please note: Each of our columbarium niches are designed to hold ashes for two people.

Rutherford Cemetery and Columbarium prides itself on being a naturally serene environment.  We do not allow artificial adornments on or around headstones, the columbarium, or on the cemetery grounds.  Please read through our Natural Environment Policy to ensure you understand our rules.

For further information regarding our policies, please see our Bylaws and Rules page.

Prices are subject to change.

Additional fees may apply.