Rutherford Cemetery and Columbarium Association was founded in 1850 when William Rutherford donated the original half acre of land for the creation of a local cemetery. It is located in Stillwater, Minnesota in the lovely St. Croix Valley. It is on a tree-covered hill at the intersection of County Roads 12 & 15 and now covers seven acres of land in a peaceful country setting.

Rutherford Cemetery and Columbarium is a nonprofit cemetery association governed by a board of trustees. A trust fund was established in 1940 to provide for the continuous maintenance to assure the cemetery retains its natural beauty. Our Natural Environment Policy ensures that Rutherford Cemetery will remain a naturally serene environment for families and loved ones.

Rutherford Cemetery in Stillwater, Minnesota



Rutherford Cemetery added a Columbarium to the Cemetery in 2007. A columbarium is a structure built for housing human cremains and is a peaceful, eternal resting space. It is erected on the east side of the cemetery and will eventually have four columns and a roof. Currently we have one column.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to honor the memory of those who have chosen our hallowed grounds as their final resting place. We include people of all faiths and offer ground burials as well as a columbarium. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of this lovely historic site. To this end, we rely on individual and community support as well as donations.

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